Yahoo login not recognized

When I tried to archive my Yahoo email, I was told that my valid Yahoo email was not recognized.

Hi and Welcome to the MSH user forum.
Wat you experienced is now a normal occurrence.
This has been going on for a while. I wrote about this a little more than a year ago.

Looks like you may not be uptodate with happenings at Yahoo.
But read the post first

I’m somewhat handicapped by the fact that I connect to Yahoo via an affiliate and cannot
get into my Yahoo account section via

What I get is this via afffiliate connection
Login to your Yahoo account via webbrowser on the same computer where MSH is installed.

Of course your page will be different - Look for third party app password creation or similar.
For me clicking on Authorized Apps , I get this

When you get the code , use it for MSH in place of your regular Yahoo password.
Anyway - all explained in my old post…
Sorry, that post became a bit unwieldy due to misunderstanding by Asker.
But it gives you the procedure…

Peter E.

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