Yahoo config ok

Generate paswword application in yahoo

config :
Hote : with IMAP-SSL
name : email address
pwd : app paswword generate

Dear Calaggan.
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I want to download my email from Yahoo before it is all removed; they are ending all groups on their email site. I used your host address and IMAP-SSL. I still am not connecting with yahoo. It states an error has occurred because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time (seconds), or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.
I am unaware of any errors in the information I entered.
Do you have any suggestions? I have made multiple attempts.
Thank you.

I am having similar experiences as already outlined with my SKY email account. Sky use yahoo to process their email addresses. I have today tried to archive my most recent emails and it wont do anything it just says "Authentication failed check our user name and password etc. I have recently changed passwords for my email and also changed them on my phone app which works OK, but for some reason it just will not accept it on MailStore, I have tried it several times. I have ready the information in discussions and attempted to generate a third party app password, but when I follow your instructions eg: 1) I have clicked over my Account Security but it then does not give me any further instructions of ways to generate a third party app. I am really stuck now and wonder if there is any other way I can generate a third party password. thank you for any help Bryan.

Hi @DP48 and @birderbryan

You both chose to follow this post - technically correct, but omits and fails details…
I recently posted a more detailed description, which may be more helpful.

Do you connect straight to Yahoo or via an affiliate?

Since you did mention the affiliate, I suggest to go to your SKY account and security page ,
just as I have to do via Rogers
Like I explained, I have no access via nor with regards to a personal account.
Don’t confuse this with your Yahoo mail sign-in…
Your webmail will be used as per your new password.

***The generated App password code is only for Mailstore Home.

For both of you - check this page

Peter E