Windows Live Mail 2012 on Windows 10

I was going to download Version 12.1.1 of MailStore, but noticed the following statement on the change log - “Windows Mail archiving profile removed as MailStore does not run on any operating system where Windows Mail is available.” I’m running WIn10 Home1909. I do not use the Mail which came with the upgrade to Win10. I’m still using Windows Live Mail 2012. My question is, will MailStore Home 12.1.1 still continue to backup Windows Live Mail 2012? I forgot to mention, I’m currently using Version of MailStore, which has been working well with Win10, and WLM 2012.

Hello @willy14 and welcome to the community.

“Windows Mail” was shipped with Windows XP and Vista, which are not supported anymore.
The client shipped with Windows 10 is just called “Mail”. It is an app that can also not be archived, as it does not come with any interface for external programs and is sandboxed (separated from the rest).

Your “Windows LIVE mail” is actually not meant for Windows 10, but does indeed run on it when forcibly installed. Do not expect any support from Microsoft for this scenario :slight_smile:

But LIVE mail also comes with Windows 7 and 8, so we still support it:


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Thanks Rebecca. My Win 10 install was an upgrade from Win7, this is way I still have Live mail 2012 on my Win10 install… I am aware if the lack of support from MS.

Hi @willy14,

don’t worry, I just felt responsible for informing you about missing support from the vendor’s side.
Although your scenario shows a situation where you have not installed it later inofficially.

Officially, the Microsoft support period for Windows Essentials 2012 ended 10th. January 2017,
as I just discovered. It is still working though. But there won’t be any security fixes anymore, so use it at your own risk.

You can archive it with MailStore Home.


Thanks Rebecca. I’ll download the latest version of MailStore.

Dobrý den. Podle toho, co jsem si našel, tak MailStore Home nelze použít k archivaci mailů v Poště u W 10?


Since this is an English forum , could you please use English for your questions?

A. Yes, that’s correct .
Just as Rebecca wrote:

Microsoft has not provided a so-called API (Application Programming Interface) for Win10 Mail
so other apps or programs can’t interact with it.

So ,you have to archive from the source (server) where Mail gets the emails from.
or use an email client listed in MSH.

Peter E.