Unable to open Master Database due to version

i got the error message :
Unable to open the master database in M:\ArchiveImport\Data
The version of your database can not be used with this version of Mailstore (Version : M28, required : M27)
Do i have to download an older version of Mailstore (and from where) or is there any tool to “upgrade” the existing database.
Thank you in advance for your help

Hi @HerB75,

it is actually the other way around.
Once a newer version of MailStore Home has opened an archive database, it cannot be opened with an older version anymore.
Your archive has the database version M28, but is now attempted to be opened with a version using datbase version M27.

So please download the latest version of MailStore Home here:

Hello Rebecca.
Thanks a lot for your help.
Indeed i misunderstood the error message.
I downloaded the latest version and problem is resolved.
Also in french (that’s my mother tongue), the error message looks like the reverse.
I am new on this forum, but using Mailstore Home since Win XP
Thank you again and i wish you a happy and safe 2021

Hi @HerB75,

thank you for the feedback. It is good to hear it worked out.
I also wish you a successful year 2021.
Unfortunately, my French is really bad, because I haven’t used it since school.

Bonne journée

thanks for the awesome information.