Two archives in mailstore

I see posts on combining two archives and not being able to access more than one archive at once. I have a simpler question. I want to build two separate archives - one for my current email, and the second for some old eudora email archives. Could someone explain how to best do this?

Since I started using Mailstore, I have had perhaps half a dozen different systems to handle my email. All have been archived into Mailstore and appear as separate subfolders in the archive. When I do a search it goes across the whole archive. This works for me. If you wanted to keep them totally separate you might consider two different installation configurations. I would not want the complexity.

I am curious - roughly how many total emails do you have in your archive? The main reason I thought of havning two separate archives is that the two big groups of emails I have are each many GB’s in size with 100,000’s of individual emails.

I have 112,000 messages from 11 different email systems, occupying just under 8gb. You should be aware that this is not a monolithic file but a collection of much smaller files. On my system there is the local filesystem that Mailstore writes to and a backup copy on an ISCSI LUN on my NAS. SImple to administer and when moving to a new machine easy to restore (on my 4th machine since starting with Mailstore).

Thank you glatiak, for your assistance. Sorry to take so long to provide an update, and my solution. I got a private tip from another forum member - DiggerP.

What I did was set up two other portable installs into two other unique folders. I did this because I had two sets of old notes emails from two decades ago, and they were each derived at separate times through different processes.

One set was translated from Notes to Eudora, back then. Then, over time these emails were translated from Eudora to input into MailSteward on a Mac. Finally, they were exported from MailSteward to mbox files, which were then archived into MailStore Home. This portable installation has 76,191 emails in 2.645 GB.

The second set of notes email was translated from old nsf files to mbox files now. Then the mbox files were archived into the second portable Mailstore. There are 52,012 emails in 1.657 GB. I will look at these two, but may investigate how to combine those two archives into one, and how to handle the overlap of duplicates that I know exist.

Then, my main MailStore Home archive, in the permanent installation, is used for my current email accounts one with my ISP, several gmail, and a half dozen on my website domain. This is the only one I will be updating and adding new mail to. Right now, there are 297,743 emails in 9.771 GB.

I loved MailSteward, because the search was very reliable (although much slower than MailStore Home). I had many problems with Apple Mail, Eudora, Thunderbird (the worst) with searches not finding emails, although I knew the search word was in some of my emails. So far, it appears that MailStore Home is very reliable in searching as well. It is a fantastic product.

This fills my requirements - It’s separate and can be run separately - independent from
the main archive.

It’s simple and and can be addressed anytime, whether or not (installed) MSH for active mail is running.