Thanks a bunch - what a cool app

I had been using a rather old app that suddenly withdrew. I hunted around and found this app. I tried it and it works great. Outlook’s built in search is really poor and this makes it easy. I will recommend it to friends.

I’d like to use it at work, but my company has no desire to provide it. Is there a chance that MailStore Server will ever be offered in a single license at a better price? I’d love to have it but being that I have to pay out of pocket $229 for 5 users is just too much. I’d buy it for $50 though.

Thanks again.

Thank you very much about the great feedback of MailStore Home.

Regarding your question about MailStore Server, please would you contact our sales department ( for that sales related question ?

Thank you very much for understanding.

Well, I did contact your sales department and was informed:

“Unfortunately we have to inform you, that MailStore Server can only be ordered according to the official package sizes with the respective minimal amount of five user licenses.”
Dave Warren

So I guess I’m SOL. Either I would have to use it against license or fork over $229 for 5 licenses and not use 4 of them. I find it aggravating when a company can’t seem to do something so simple.

Oh well, I guess I have to keep looking to see if there is something else out there I can use.

Dear @Rootman,

just to clarify, 5 user license does not mean you get 5 installatuions of MailStore Server where you only need one.
You get one MailStore Server.

MailStore Server is a multi user system.
So not only an admin can open it up / log in, but also other defined users,
that each have their own archive area.
Maybe “John Doe” should not see “Jane Doe” 's archive, similar to their original mailboxes.

The difference between 1 allowed user and a minimum of 5 does not make a difference when offering the product itself and the support coming with it.

So the minimum of five users has been set.
You do not pay for five users unnecessarily, you obtain one product and get the first 5 users for free,
speaking in business terms.

Yes, and just to clarify MY point, I don’t need the ‘potential’ of 5 licenses or users, I need a single license for a single product, to better put it, I need a commercial license for the Home product. Something you don’t offer.

I realize the market is slim, but it IS out there. Users who need the Home product for Work use. I understand that it wouldn’t likely even be worth your while to offer. But yet, that’s exactly what I need.

I have a need, your product COULD fill it, but it can’t because I can’t buy what I need. I am stuck working for a cheap company that refuses to offer any sort of way to backup email and yet that has demands that are difficult to meet without it, I keep backups of my email to protect me and the company. I thought this was the product that might do it. I thought wrong.

Dear @Rootman,

I didn’t mean to offend you.

MailStore Server is the commercial product that meets many commercial requirements the Home edition can’t.

I.e. automation, multi user, access from many clients to a the central server, i.e. more than one PC/laptop/mobile etc., audit logging, directory service integration and so much more.

It comes as a license for installation and one year support service, which can be renewed yearly.
The price mainly contains the product itself and the support.

Whether it is one or five users does not make any difference in the calculation.
I cannot describe it in detail, it has been calculated many times in the sales department and
… what can I say?

It is not designed to displease you.
You do not pay four unnecessary users, you get 4 for free.
There is no cheaper option.

No offense taken, I simply don’t need the extra features or the support. I need an app that can archive my email, my company won’t pay for it, I need to pay for it out of pocket and don’t need the server edition.

I will just keep looking for a product I can use. I was using Outlook True Archive for years and they pulled the product from support and it stopped working.

You may be working yourself out of a market but who am I to say. I can only bet there are hundreds of users out there just like me that want a simple archive and not all the other and just need a single seat license. So a commercial license for the HOme edition would work just fine.

Thanks anyway.

I thought I’d pop in and ask again.

If the Mailstore Server is not available for an INDIVIDUAL corporate user at a lower price, what is really needed is a license you can purchase for business use for the Mailstore HOME product. I realize this is crossing boundaries but I find the product so helpful with my HOME email I would also like to use it on my own business email as well.

MailStore Home is and stays a free product for personal use. It is NOT for business purposes, and MailStore Home will not be adapted to become a business application.

For business purpose we offer MailStore Server, which works similar like MailStore Home and offers even more than MailStore Home. But we do not intend to change the pricing as you suggested.

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That’s a shame, I have shown your product to many people, some have started using it, a LOT have not, because they need to use it for their work email, and like me the company has no intentions of buying or supporting it, nor repaying them for the purchase of MS Server.

It looks like free money for you to me. Sell them a license to use the simpler MS Home in a business situation for like $50 and collect $$$.