Suggestions for the "Progress View" window

In the “Progress View” window the only hint as to how much remains to be done is the progressbar.

Since this is a very long process when creating a new profile when the account has thousands of mails, I would suggest:

  • Display a time remaining estimate, time elapsed, total time estimate.
  • Display the total number of items that will be processed. That info is available probably since I guess its used to set the progressbar.
  • Display percentage done.
  • Maybe a summary/stats of what was found in the account, so we have something to read while we wait I guess?

The main one thing would be estimated time left I guess.

Thanks for the feedback!

Unfortunately we don’t actually have the information to provide useful details here.

MailStore spits up the progress bar into slots of each folder, and then when folders are opened each folder’s share of the progress bar is split up based on the number of messages discovered in the folder, but this is not known until the folders are checked (and since some providers place limits on individual IMAP sessions we don’t want to make more calls than necessary).

While it would be possible to display a percentage or more detailed status, it would typically not actually provide useful information.

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