Silly question - Does MailStore Home Community (English) have a log out button?

I feel stupid but I can’t find any log out from the Home Community. Is there one or do I just have to close page?


Hi Cliff,
It pays to explore :grinning:

MSH-Log Out

Peter E.

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Thanks - now I really feel stupid - I just could not find it. Once again thanks.

Hi Cliff
Thanks for the feedback and thanks.
Don’t feel stupid - it takes understanding how other people think…
If you wonder why this is sortof hidden…
My intuition tells me that it’s related to “push technology” and live Notifications.

If you don’t use this, you’ll get this bar
MSH-Enable Notifications- bar
Notice that you can dismiss that bar by clicking the X.

Thus the goal is to not log out and stay connected to receive live notifications.
Anything to make it easier to be " on top of things" :grin: - If that’s what you really need…

Peter E.