Selecting all messages in a search

Is there any way to select all messages retrieved in a search for e.g., deletion or export? It is very tedious to have to hold the shift key down and keep pressing the down arrow to select all messages returned in a search.

If this is not possible, I would plead with mailstore to include this feature, as in gmail where you can check a box at the top of a search in select all messages on which to perform an operation.


Hi, I agree with you , BUT a simple combi key press does this for you :grinning:
Did you overlook CTRL-A ?

Peter E


Peter, Thank you so much. I didn’t overlook CTRL-A. I didn’t know about it. Stupid! I tried it and it worked. Big help. Thank you again, Paris

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Hi Paris, You’re Welcome.
Glad to be of help .

Not knowing something isn’t stupid ,but this is one of the regular command keys
Ctrl - A Select All
Ctrl- C Copy
Ctrl-V Paste
Ctrl- X Cut
Ctrl- Z Undo - very important - make a “slip”? Immediately press Ctrl-Z
even if you delete something, but don’t wait and do something else.
Then the window of opportunity has closed.

G Search for keyboard shortcuts related to your OS - there are dozens…
also in the Microsoft pages.

Peter E

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Peter: Thanks again. I knew all of the others BUT not Ctrl-A OR Ctrl-Z, which seems like it would be very useful and I got it. You must hit it immediately. I will explore some of the other shortcuts. Thanks again, Paris

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You’re Welcome

Really? You must have a fantastic memory …You’re so lucky :rofl:

To satisfy the curiosity of you and others here are some links
On that page you’ll find a link to all Win 10 KB shortcuts.
and also for Win 8.1 and Win 7 or all on 1 page.

BTW Ctrl - Z doesn’t work if you use Shift-Del and confirm despite the warning.
Then only a data recovery program might help…


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Thanks again so much for the links and the warning on ctrl-z and shift-del. Call me crazy Peter, but this has been a very hard time for me, all kinds of personal troubles medical, money, blah, blah and your helpfulness has cheered me up. So your kindness has done more good than you can know.

My middle name is Paris. Don’t like to put my full name on sites, but just so you know it’s not fake. Paris

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Hi Paris,

Thanks so much for your appreciation.
I was more than happy to help.
So Sorry for your troubles - I can wel imagine having some myself…

Yes - I agree - never put that info on websites, forums etc. nor pictures…
See my avatar - the curious scrounger lol

Hope you’ll get a kick out of my PM - don’t write here…


Peter: I can’'t find the pm. Paris

Did you not get the email from MSH forum?
Maybe in Spam

Anyway - follow the graphic but for you account


You can reply there and will also be via PM to me.

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