Restoring to Thunderbird

My sent folder in one of my email accounts in Thunderbird was emptied completely when I was tring to delete older emails. Fortunately I had archived the complete account a few days previously.

Now I wish to restore it. Of the various archives, that is the only one whose name is not prefixed with ‘Thunderbird’ - I don’t know why. If I highlight an email and click on the ‘Restore to Thunderbird’ button I am eventually offered a series of target folders including ‘Sent 1’ (which does not exist). The existing folders are all greyed out. I select, click on OK, get a messsage that the email has been restored, but I don’t find it anywhere, nor any folder named ‘Sent 1’. This is a MAPI account - is that the reason? How can I restore the entire archive?


Hi Peter,

Since only the Sent folder was affected, then in MSH in the relevant account,
select all mail in the Sent folder and Export to Thunderbird.

I understand from your writing that you tried with 1 email,which is initially the right approach.
Since this is a MAPI account, you’ll have to navigate to the correct profile in the Thunderbird folder.
MAPI can create more than one profile for an email account.

Unfortunately I can’t simulate this for myself since I don’t use Thunderbird.
I’m also not familiar with the Restore to Thunderbird button in MSH because of this.

You may have more traction via the Mozilla Thunderbird forum with regards to which profile to use.
Each email account has its own number string.

In MSH, you can also Export the contents of the Sent folder to Directory (File System)
Then in Thunderbird , Import those files into the Sent folder of the affected account.

Dependent upon the TB version you could use an Add-on like

Since you’re working in TB, you can see the affected account and with the help of the Add-on
get the files into the correct Sent folder,

Hope this helps…

Peter E