Restoring e-mails from Archive

I’m confused about restoring e-mails from a Mailstore archive. I run Windows10 and Thunderbird.
I was having PC problems, so I installed Mailstore Home, and created an archive of my e-mails from Thunderbird. I’ve now got my PC fixed, but I’ve had to reinstall everything (everything!). The archive was transferred across though.
So according to your webpage, to restore an archive, I should run the Mailstore-configuration program. I did this and it appears to do something, but I was expecting my old e-mails to be reuploaded to Thunderbird - but they aren’t. Have I misunderstood something? I obviously still have the e-mails in the searchable archive, but I’d prefer to have them back in Thunderbird.

Happy to help! If you want to copy messages from MailStore Home to Thunderbird, take a look at the Export E-mail panel in MailStore Home.

Thanks for your reply! That looks what I need. However, I tried it, and it appeared to have processed all my e-mails, and the Profile said it had run successfully, but when I run Thunderbird, it hasn’t made any difference - the e-mails didn’t reach it. Help!