Restore from back up on Mailstore Portable

Is there a way to restore from a back up when using Mailstore Portable?
I am unable to find the Configure option available on the standard version?

This might help … From Backup and Restore - MailStore Home Help …see last item Restoring From a Backup.

Thanks for responding.
These instructions only seem valid if you are using the standard version. I cant seem to locate the Mailstore Portable version. Any clues?

I believe the portable version expects the archive to be on the same drive as the program, hence portable.
I vaguely remember that there’s a ‘data’ folder and the archive needs to be in there.
Before testing make sure you have a “Safe” copy of your existing archive just in case anything goes wrong with the connection

MailStore Home’s Portable version doesn’t really have an explicit backup or restore concept as the application does not get installed and instead the application and data are self-contained within one directory.

You can just copy the whole thing to create a backup, and do similar to restore.

Thanks Dave,
I have created a back up off an installed version and want to import this data into the Portable version i have on a usb.
Do i just copy the contents of the back up (data folder) into the Portable versions data folder?
I have tried the above but it seems the Portable version is then unable to index the data?

Appreciate your assistance.

That should be possible, but be sure to actually delete the data directory, don’t get in a situation with intermixed databases.

Hi Dave,
All of this works except the system still requires the index to rebuild. When it goes through the rebuilding process it get to what i think is 1/4 of the way through and then the program shuts down.
Is reports that there are 1,282,832 messages consuming 175,394mb.
I have tried multiple times but it fails in all cases to fully rebuild.
Any suggestions?