Process for migrating mails from Windows Live mail 2012 to Office Outlook 365

Hello everyone,

I would like to know what is the best way to completely transfer all emails (including sub folders) from Windows 7 + Windows Live Mail 2012


Windows 10 + Office 365’s Outlook

(I have tried the export function in WLM 2012 and choose microsoft exchange format, but nothing happens, but choosing the windows live mail format is ok, afaik I must choose microsoft exchange format in order to let office 365’s outlook to recoginze)

Anyone can help me with this situation is appreciated



Hello, How come you decided to use MailStore Home to do the transfer ?
The purpose of MSH is as an Archiver, not a “transfer vehicle”
While you can export mail to another mail server or emailclient,
it’s not its intended use…

Dealing strictly with Microsoft programs- you might be better off to ask in a Microsoft forum…

Nevertheless, Here is an extensive description of the process:

BTW - WLM 2012 still works on Win 10 - if that helps.
I run it on Win 10 1903

Good Luck,

Peter E.

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Hey, Welcome @murakamirena!

Thank you for asking. As @DiggerP already mentioned, MailStore Home is an archiving solution for private use - it is not intended to do transfers or migrations, but rather help you archive your valuable e-mails you like to keep.
But it is great to see you here getting involved in the product use.
All the best,

Over the years I have had a number of email solutions – both external and internal. The only thing I bother to actually transfer is my email contacts. Email group lists seem to be vendor-specific so must be recreated on the new solution. Most of these were Microsoft products – so my experience suggests one should not count on any degree of vendor interoperability.

After a few very painful attempts to move emails as a body from one system to another I got smart and started using a common email archive solution – Mailstore. The complete email populations from my various solutions are all available in the archive and easily searchable. It is surprising the number of times I have needed to search decade old emails for a date, serial number or contents of a vendor proposal. The common archive solves this.

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