Problem with GMAIL

Just installed program. Set up 3 mails with out any problem Set up a gmail account, mailstore went to google asked and received authorization. went back to program and gmail would not run Received error message Version:1.0 StartHTML:000000259 EndHTML:000001126 StartFragment:000000707 EndFragment:000001094 StartSelection:000000707 EndSelection:000001094 ourceURL:file:///C:/Users/jerry_51l4f1x/AppData/Local/Temp/MailStore/45bee938-6c1d-49e5-8d74-481a6483985b

An error has occurred.

The “All Mail” folder is not accessible via IMAP.

Please advise

Hi @emphasis

It sounds like the All Mail folder is hidden via IMAP.
This can be set up in GMail (show or hide labels when using IMAP).

Here is a nice third party article dscribing how to hide/unhide labels from IMAP access:

Please check whether the “All Mails” label is not hidden, otherwise make it visible.