Problem: Not Archiving Some Thunderbird Accounts

I have 7 accounts in Thunderbird, but 2 won’t archive.
The 2 problem accounts use IMAP to Gmail accounts. Of the others, 4 use IMAP to MAIL.COM, and the final one uses IMAP to a CPanel mail account.
If I try to archive all 7, only 5 work. The result is 5337 items.
If I try to archive the remaining 2 on their own, Mailstore indicates success, but adds nothing.
The 2 problem accounts don’t appear under My Archive.
I’m using Mailstore version under Windows 7x64 with plenty of disk space.
Any help would be welcome.

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Additional Information:
If I start with a new installation of Mailstore and try to archive one of the Gmail accounts, the result is “success” but nothing is archived.

I can archive the Gmail accounts by creating a profile for an email account.

This points to the mail servers on Google.

However, while this does create an archive for all the emails, all the folder structures, present in Thunderbird, are lost.

Drilling down into Thunderbird, I started looking for differences between the Gmail accounts (which don’t archive) and the other accounts (which do archive).

Firstly, the Google accounts use OAuth2 authentication method, while the others use Normal Password.

Could this be a cause?

Secondly the Copies and Folders settings for Message Archives look different.

The first field is greyed out in the case of Gmail, but not greyed out in the other accounts.

Here are the Gmail settings

and here one of the other accounts

Apart from this, the Thunderbird mailbox structures look plausible both for Gmail and for other accounts.

Any suggestions?

  1. Within Tbird, are all your Gmail “folders” set to retain offline copies?
  2. Re: Gmail folders… unfortunately, you will find that MailStore does not archive Gmail labels as folders. If you set up a direct MailStore archive of your Gmail account, the IMAP method (less secure) will provide some tag/folder info, but it will be incomplete. The OAuth method (more secure) provides no label info.

You won’t get “folders” from Gmail in the archive process.

Ah. Thanks for the explanation and suggestion.
Setting Thunderbird to retain offline copies does indeed permit Mailstore to archive.