Power Automate for Desktop to automate Archiving

Hi all,
I currently use Windows Task Scheduler to automate the backing of my archives each week.
Having just started to get into MS Power Automate for Desktop (PAD) that comes with Windows 11 I am seeking to move the solution to PAD.
I am wondering if any users have attempted this yet?
I am part of other PAD groups on Discord seeking a solution
Once Completed i will share
Thanks Shaun

I’m not aware of anyone that has looked for this type of integration. MailStore Home allows you to create a “shortcut” that will launch MailStore Home and start an archiving profile, you can call the command line generated in this shortcut as you see fit.

One note though, it should only be executed from within your user session. If you use an automation tool that runs as a service, it either will not have correct permissions to run, or it will leave MailStore Home open which blocks you from accessing MailStore Home itself as only a single copy of MailStore Home can use a single database at a time.

Ultimately MailStore Home is not designed to be automated/scheduled, but it can sometimes be accomplished using the “Shortcut” feature.

Let us know what you find, it’s always great to see new tips/tricks!

Hi Dave,

I currently have Mailstore Home automated using Windows Task Scheduler
where the program script is “G:\MailStore Home\Application\MailStoreHome.exe” with an added argument of /portable /c archive --id=“3” /portable /c archive --id=“3” this is taken from the properties within the shortcut my trigger is weekly currently set for 1800 each Saturday
This all works perfectly and whilst Task Scheduler is an excellent tool its a little dated and my attempt is to bring 21st century Robotic Process Automation (RPA) With Windows 10 and 11 now having Power Automation for Desktop built in i am just in the process of learning the ropes of this new technology
Will update as i make further progress Shaun

Hi all,

I now have created the ability to Automate Mailstore Home with both Windows Task Scheduler and Power Automate
For Task Scheduler you use the properties of the ShortCut and put the program and argument into its set up and set a trigger for e.g. Every Sunday at 1900 and then will open the program complete the updating of the relevant Archive
For Power Automate create a Flow in Power Automate for Desktop and use the program and argument to create a run application with the application path of where the program starts e.g. :\MailStore Home\Application\MailStoreHome.exe and then the argument in the as per the shortcut properties e.g /portable /c archive --id=“3” /portable /c archive --id=“3”
If have a paid license of Power Automate then can set up triggers to run a desktop flow and will run based on those triggers
If only have the free version of Power Automate for Desktop will need to use the flow as described in power automate gallery Schedule Flows Using Power Automate for Desktop | Power Automate Gallery where you set up the triggers to run on a day and time - this flow needs to be running all the time and then it will call the flow that launches the Mailstore at the appropriate day and time

A great Success - can provide examples or assistance to others should they wish to Automate Mailstore home to run at a scheduled date and time

Thats looks really good.

By any chance do you know if its possible to automate the backup of password protected mailstore archives?

Hi Vanburen,
Not tried the Backup yet was just getting the auto archiving first
Will have a look at this and come back to you on that as i do not see any reason why it will not work as with power automate you can save files as zip files with a password protection

Hi shaunie_67, Sorry I wasn’t very clear, I meant is possible to auto archive a password protected Mailstore account?

I have an encryption password set on my mailstore home install and was wondering if it was possible to pass the encryption password as part of the shortcut?

Hi Vanburen,

I cannot see why not i will set up a password for my Archive and test with Windows Task Scheduler and Power Automate and report back to you

Hi Shaunie - did you manage to automate creation of a password-protected archive? If so, would you be able to kindly share how to achieve this please?