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After years of faithful service, my Mailstore Home cannot archive , search or allow me access to archives. For each request, I get a small error window station “Parameter not valid” and no further information. I tried reconnecting program and archive - but no change. I think this fault is one of a dozen arrived 4 days ago when I ran “Advanced System Repair”, apparently untrustworthy.
If I uninstal and reinstal, is the archive (on an external drive) safe?


Sorry to hear of your troubles.,
Yeah, I avoid these programs like the plague (From where did you get it?)
Did the scan extend to the external drive ?
Is there an undo feature in this “Repair” application?or a type of backup?

AV scanners and these so-called optimizing or “repair” programs are the bane of MSH archive…
and many other files and folders…
The MSH archive should aways be excluded from being scanned by these types of programs…

Yes if you do the Default install. - with the archive in Documents
But at the moment I don’t know what this repair program did to your archive…

Did you make a backup from within MSH, before you started this “Repair”
or a system backup ? or set a Restore Point before you let this “Repair” program loose on your system?

Peter E

Also see this advice which worked for me…

Hi Wayne,

Possibly,but the errors are not the same.
The OP only gets “Parameter not valid:”
You’re referring to a different error “Archive upgrade aborted: Padding is invalid and cannot be removed.”

Apart from that is the fact that the OP used (IMHO) an ill-advised “Repair” program and is plagued
with more other errors.

My advice was to possibly undo the damage that the “Repair” program did to the system,
including the MSH archive.

Peter E

Guys, I’m not on your timetable, I’m afraid. Computers are supposed to help, but when they don’t, I have to go to other resources.
Really, thanks for ideas. I’ve always tried to isolate backups, Peter, so I’ll now (carefully) go the un & re-install route.
And thanks, too, Wayne. I’ve repaired some of the collaterals (e.g. MS Office, Thunderbird) to stay alive, but this will take time bcos not sure how many. Removing Restore points was a very dirty trick. I’ll post a report this weekend.

I’ve done more work on this and note that archives are being initialised at startup.
Uninstal and reinstal was uneventful but made no difference to fault - image attached. In the fault condition, cannot respond to “Report Error”. Can open all folders, (seem undamaged) search, but with Archive, Export, Rebuild Index I have to click OK, gives me the MS logo on the RHs (see second and third images). Without access to Export, seems Wayne’s possible is out of reach.
Any further thoughts, guys?
Not sure the attached MS Word page got saved.

Hi Peter, time out! We seem to be at odds, and I recognise the emotion in your message. In spare time segments, I have documented over 10 pages on efforts to deal with a Mailstore malfunction, and have sent only the stuff I considered relevant, and so have made mistakes. Can I please correct some misunderstandings?
 I reinstalled; you didn’t say not to – because I wanted to restore the program’s functionality for next Saturday’s backup, just as I needed to do with an unknown number of other programs, and the activity seemed not to interfere with your suggestions.
 The Repair program removed all but the most recent two of my (more than ten) restore points, too late to help with reversing this install, and that seemed a dirty trick a dirty trick to me.
 It does not have review/reverse capacity, rare in my experience, but not there.
 Your goal – not mine – was to undo the errant program’s changes. I didn’t see that as practical for a priority, am still living with some of them –like reinstalling MS Word (20 minutes) every time I use it - and unaware of others. Pity you didn’t require priority over my activities, if that was needed.
Yes, I backup my system day 1 each month and my files on Saturday evenings, but not sure they can help. I’m an antique user.
Thanks for your comment on attachments to messages. The visual file rule was not apparent to me.
I’m really happy with your willingness to help with difficulties like mine, and ready to seek other help. Our expectations may be at odds.


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