New version won't recognize my data

Hi - I installed the newest version of MailStore Home after I got a new computer, and the new version will not recognize my data. It seems from reading discussions that I was supposed to export to an archive first, but I did not do that and the old computer and old version of MS is gone. What can I do to make the new version recognize the old data?

Hi @harussell,

MailStore Home 12 can easily update existing data even coming from version 4.

It sounds like you have lost your old data completely with the old computer, is that correct?
MailStore Home data is not stored in a cloud, it is on the machine,
by default a folder “MailStore Home” is created in your user documents.
Do you still have that data, i.e. from a backup, by connecting the old hard drive to the new computer temporarily, or any other way?

Without the actual file data previously created on the old machine,
MailStore Home on the new machine can only start off with a new blank archive.

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