MSH deleting email from archive with imap archiving

So i started using MSH and made my first archive. I am using a lot off folders so i used IMAP. It made a complete archive and i was very impressed. But than i started deleting emails on the online platform.

During the next archive session all these deleted emails are removed from MSH also!! How can i prevent this? I did not expect this behaviour. I know IMAP is working this way in an emailclient but this is an archive tool??

Help would be appreciated.

Never mind, already found out that the deleted email was held in the waste bin and that made the archive removing it.

Hi @edskie ,

archivbing means keeping all mails that were once captured, so MailStore Home would not act like a mail client program and remove mails from the archive when they disappear from the source.
Can you please check whether you have set the archiving profile to also archive folders like the trash bin?
BEcause then it would also monitor this as a normal folder.

Once you delete mails in your mailbox and they are moved to the trash, the next run of the archiving profile will also find mails in that trash, so it will move the mails from a previous position to this folder.
MailStore Home does never delete mails unless you actually do so manually, but it keeps track of folder positions, so it replays movements to folders it monitors.

Hi Rebecca,

I left the settings on default. So the trash was archived. I put the trashcan in the “ignore” list. That should solve the problem without me deleting everything from the trashcan first.

Thank you for the support.

Best regards,

Hi Rebecca -
I’m new to MailStore also and just wanted to make sure I understand your answer to edskie. If I delete a batch of old emails from my server because I’m running out of storage space on the server, the next time I archive my email profile in MailStore, that will not remove those deleted emails from the MailStore archive, correct?

Correct. There is literally nothing you can do to the source mailbox that will cause messages already in MailStore to be deleted.

Messages could get moved between folders, so they may land in a trash folder in the archive – This is fine, there is nothing special about a folder named Trash or Deleted Items, these messages will not get removed from the archive.

Thanks Dave. That was my only concern with future backups of my email using MailStore Home. I appreciate your help.