Moving Exported Emails (.msg files) into Mailstore Home

HI Folks, I have thousands of .msg files I want to archive, I exported them from my work account so as to create an index that I can then search. (14 years worth!) I am obviously unable to install Mailstore on my work computer hence looking at trying to create it on my home PC. Only reference to being able to do this is with Mailstore Server, not Mailstore Home. So question is, can Mailstore Home do this and if so do I need to specify the email account the messages came from (my work email)?! Or do I need to get Mailstore Server?
Thanks for any help with this.

MailStore Home can archive messages in EML format, in the Archive E-mail panel, look for the E-mail Files section.

@madkiwi and @Dave
If you want to organize the mail chronologically , create subfolders by eg year - before you start archiving.
See if that works out as intended.

Peter E.

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