Missing FDB file and not able to start Mailstore with current info


I used a mail store home to archive some mails but now it’s not able to restore. It’s say master database has been created with a different product.

but I tried to use another computer to open these files, it’s saying I am missing the *.fdb file, is there anything I can do to retreive these mails.

Dear @keithso,

the first error message indicates that you are trying the MailStore Home archive with a new computer unexpectedly (is this a new / different machine?).

The second error and your screenshot show that you are indeed missing files, i.e. MailStoreMaster.fdb.

This file is essential. Without it there is no information what is located in which dat file.

Did you copy this data from one location to another?
Can you describe what happened before?
Do you have backups we could recover files from?

Hi Rebecca
I m facing the same issue again and recalled you were able to help solving this by doing something fm dos prompt; can u help again

Hi @keithso ,

are you still using an older version of MailStore Home?
To avoid asking you to upload private data and fiddle around with it, we removed the necessity of the xml file and binding to a certain machine.
Please update MailStore Home to version 13, it should have no problem opening a healthy archive without checking its machine origin anymore.

Hi Rebecca
Thank you for your reply.
I am using 13.0 now.

As for the above issue, as I recalled, you or your team had suggested a way to do some command from dos prompt in order to have this back to life, is it possible please help.