MailstoreHome portable archives Microsoft 365 once then fails

I am having a problem with MailStore Home Portable. I installed version 13.1 on an external drive and archived my existing email account on my Microsoft (Office) 365 account. I have a lot of emails in the account and the process took some time (hours) to complete, but was done without a problem. One week later I returned to the program to archive my new emails using the profile created. It now gives me a “unable to detect email account settings - use manual configuration” message. I have tried the manual configuration using some of the suggestions (mostly from before 2020) without success. I have tried to identify the proper server account as requested in the manual configuration process but have not been able to get it to work. I have tried to make a new configuration using the same process as originally. It also gives the same error message.

I then reinstalled the program in another folder and followed the same procedure as my first install and it worked without any problem - except of course beginning all over again - downloading all files. It does not seem helpful if I am going to have to make a fresh install and download everything again (taking hours each time)each time I want to archive.

Can anyone help me with a solution or some insight on how to deal with this?

As a follow-up: I still have this problem.
After reading many discussion points I can also say that my Outlook installation says “Build…click-to-run” and so should work with MailStore Home.
However, I believe that I am using MailStore Home accessing directly the Outlook365 mailbox, as recommended in one of the discussions I read. I believe this is so because it does not archive other mail accounts that I have access to in the Outlook on my computer. I really hope someone sees this and can help me.

Hello DT_br,
This is a very interesting error considering that the archiving profile works initially and then stops with that error every time afterwards. I’m “somewhat” inclined to believe that something could possibly be interfering with the connection after the first run. Do you have any AV software installed and if so what vendor?

@DT_br and @Dee

Sorry to interject but the click to run versions of Outlook are not suitable for archiving by MSH.
They are virtual installations and use drive Q as a “temp” location.
MSH requires an existing solidly connected accessible source of the mail to be able to archive the mail.
A full installation of Office 365 on your drive is needed to reliably archive Outlook.

This is not just my opinion - I rely on Microsoft documentation.

I should hasten to add that for later versions Microsoft changed the installation method,especially for
volume licensed version,so it also depends on the version of Office.
eg Update Office 2019 (for IT Pros) - Deploy Office | Microsoft Docs

Peter E.