Mailstore Home Portable - Index issues

Hi There,
Hoping someone can assist.
I have been using Mailstore on a laptop for years and highly rate it.
It is now time to retire the laptop so i though i would move the database onto usb.
I exported the data base on to usb drive and then cut and pasted the files into the folder for Mailstore Portable to be able to use on the usb drive.
When i try and index the files it seems to start well but then gets about a 1/4 of the way through and shuts down.
Has anyone got any suggestions to be able to get the data base from laptop on to a usb for operation.

PS there doesnt seem to be a Configure option on the Mailstore Home Portable as per the instructions.



Could you please try checking the database using the Check Data Integrity button in MailStore Home’s Administration section?

Can you give me a link to the instructions/documentation that mention the option?

Refer below error msg from Chech Data Integrity.

do you have an email address i can send the log files?