Mailstore Home not keeping backups + a few other questions

I tried using Mailstore Home and while it was easy to setup my emails via IMAP, it seems to be acting like a regular email client where it is not actually backing up or keeping the emails from the server but simply running as an IMAP client so if someone deletes messages on the server, it is also deleted on Mailstore Home! Is this the expected behavior of mailstore home? and if so, what’s the point of calling it a “backup” software? ANy email client with IMAP support can do this stuff already.

Furthermore, there seems to be no option to automatically run backups every so minutes. I have to manually run it each time.

Am I missing something here?

Hi @BrownChiLD ,

MailStore Home is a mail archiving solution, not a “backup”.
So it is meant to continuously add mails to the archive for further research in it. It is not a snapshot of a state of a mailbox.

For convenience, MailStore Home also replays folder positions of mails from sources that have folder structures, such as IMAP in your case.
But whenever a mail is archived, but then deleted from the IMAP mailbox, this deletion will not translate to MailStore Home. It will keep the mail.

So the mails you are looking for must still be present.
Do you also archive the mailboxe’s trash bin folder?
When also archiving “Deleted Files” or “trash” (depending on your source system), MailStore Home monitors also mails being moved there and replays that in the archive, so there should also be a folder representing the deleted mails now.

Since you might be interested to find the mails in the archive in a location before they were “trashed”, you might want to exclude deleted mails’ folder(s) from archiving, so that MailStore Home is not considering this.
Therefore it might be wise to modify the properties of the archiving profile, section “folders” to either use the checkmark “exclude trash, spam, drafts …”, or to manually use the exclusion section and add the trash folder of the IMAP server to this exlusion list.

Regarding automation:
MailStore Home is a single application and will stop functioning when closed, so it cannot be automated. This would immediately stop working as long as closed.
If you are looking for a solution that has a separate service and client, so that the service can perform (automated) backrgound tasks, you can also have a look at our professional product MailStore Server.

Thank you for your response and I’ll look into the trash thing you mentioned.

About automation, I dont mind keeping it open. My issue is actually the lack of automatic downloading/archiving of the emails even when the software is open. I left it running for an hour and it didnt download the new emails i received. I had to manually trigger it to do so. Is this the expected behaviour?

finally, how many email accounts can i add on the Mailstore Home? Are there any account, or email, or size limits to this FREE version?

Yes, this is expected. There is no task scheduler executing profiles, this is available in our professional MailStore Server.

So to rerun the profile to archive new mails, you’d have to execute the profile explicitly.
It won’t run by itself.

You can add up to three profile types of a kind,
so threee IMAP accounts, three Outlook profiles etc.