MailStore Home Feature Requests


The sheep moved on and decided to spend a great time outside of MailStore Home. :wink:


So, what about the future?

  • Do you have improvement suggestions?
  • Which feature is “THE THING” that you absolutely want to see in MailStore Home?

This is your chance! While we can not promise that we will do it all, the great and interesting ideas we already have in mind may be joined by one or the other idea from you.

Become active and tell us your thoughts: what makes MailStore Home nicer, better and possibly more functional!


Great idea. :+1: I will think about some features that I am missing today.
Hey, @dee, any ideas?


Nice, @heiko. Thank you :sunny:


I would love to see a de-dupe feature, to trim duplicate emails from the archive. I realize that there are never EXACT duplicates, because they are often sourced from different mailboxes, etc., but if the to, from, date/time, subject, text and attachments are identical, that would be close enough (at least for me.)


MailStore Home has no specific mechanisms to remove visible duplicates,

because we have to distinguish between visible and technical duplicates.

Technical duplicates

MailStore Home stores mails in a database. It therefor splits mails into their components (“mime parts”). Every unique mime part is only stored once. If an attachment or text part appears again later, only internal pointers are created. The actual part will not be stored again. This applies to every mail that comes in multiple times, even when parts are quoted or come from different sources. That is the reason why the archive only grows as little as possible.

Visible duplicates

Wherever a mail with its parts appeared it will be visible again. This includes every CC, every quote, every source. This actually has a well thought reason:

  • We never know which one is an unwanted duplicate. Deleting a mail coming from Source A and keeping the same coming from Source B could be just the wrong way around. MailStore Home cannot make these decisions for you.
  • Is it a necessary duplicate or not? Possibly the mail was sent to address A and address B. Even though it is identical, you need to comprehend who received this mail. It could be rather a coincidence that you archive address A and B to the same system.
  • Completeness. Even though laws concerning proper archiving usually apply to commercial use and are certified to be concidered in MailStore Server, MailStore Home as an offspring of Server also offers you wide parts of this philosophy.
    Have you been sent this mail twice? Did it come from separate sources? No matter what the initial reason was, we mirror this activity to provide a complete overview of your communication. If you see something twice, then it came in twice.

To a conclusion we cannot make these global decisions for you.
A program cannot even make one single decision the way a living person would do.
Only you with the appropriate experience can evaluate whether a certain mail needs to be displayed or not.

From this point of view MailStore Software decided not to gamble with automatic deletion rules for duplicates.
In an archive, a few mails too much is always better than essential ones missing by accident.


Thanks! That all makes a lot of sense.


I would like to be able to open multiple search windows.
For example: I perform a “quick search” on my archive, and get results.
The results are available in “Search result”.
It would be nice to have that result “held,” while I commence another search in the “quick search” box.
So that under “Search E-Mail,” there are multiple “search results.”
ALTERNATIVELY, it would be helpful if the program could maintain a history of search terms, so that I could easily go back to a previously-performed search and perform it again, without having to remember/retype what I searched for. Thanks for your consideration!


Hi Ari,

One thing you can try is that you can save a search by using the “Create Search Folder” feature, this will allow you to access the same search parameters later.

Currently there is no multi-window support for MailStore Home, so there is no easy way to extend this to searches, but we’ll definitely keep the suggestion under consideration for future releases.


I would really like to see the “Recent Results” page made a little more friendly.

The option to view recent results has things like ‘this week’ ‘last week’, ‘this month’ ‘last month’ etc.

So one day I look at ‘This month’ and see results for 30 days. The next day I look at the same page and get only one day’s history…

To me it would seem much more useful to have ‘Past 10 days’ or ‘past 30 days’.
Even better would be to remember my choice for next time I view the page.