Mailstore Home and Gmail - A few questions

I have recently installed Mailstore Home. It is very nice product.

I defined a profile for Gmail using IMAP. The purpose is to archive all messages and labels in Gmail and then delete older messages to free up space usage in Gmail.

A few questions:

  1. When viewing archived emails, many show a message “Click here to download pictures. To protect your privacy, automatic download of some pictures in this message has been prevented”.
    Is there any option to automatically download all pictures? I want everything to be saved in the archive because I will delete some of the older messages in Gmail.
  2. When the profile is run, are all attachments downloaded into the archive? Again I need all attachments to be always downloaded.
  3. If an email in Gmail has multiple labels, will that email be stored in each folder in the archive as long as the label is selected as being an included Folder in the profile?



You wrote:

Were you aware that there are 3 methods to create a Gmail profile using IMAP ?
1 and 2 are similar,but 3 will give you extended settings,

Q.1 Downloading pictures.
A. Try these links - A lot of questions have already been addressed…

Q.2 A. All attachments are downloaded and stay with the email they came with.

It depends on your settings in IMAP Mailbox settings #3 in 1st graphic above.
Whichever folder is polled and archived first, that’s where the email will be…
You may want to read the following articles and topic …

You may also follow the links in the Start page of MSH for more Help info

Peter E.

MailStore does not archive user created labels from Gmail.