Lost archive in MailStore Home

I changed the hard disk of my PC where I had MailStore Home, returning it to the new disk. I don’t find MailStore Home in the new album where I kept my emails. What happened?


You wrote:

Exactly how did you return (transfer) it to the new disk?

The mail is in your archive (album=map) which is normally (by Default)
in your Documents. as MailStoreHome or MailStore Home or another name if you changed it during -
or after- installation.

What is your Operating System and version?
What is the MailStore Home version?

With more Info we can find out wat can be done.

Peter E.

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Thanks for your reply, Peter.
I answer you questions:

  1. the transfer on the new disk (of the SSD type) of the old content (which was of the HDD type) I did not do it myself, I was done with the assurance that I would have a complete copy of the original content.
  2. in the old disk, the one I replaced, there is a Mail Store Home box in H-Users-Michele-Documents and in H-Programs (x86).
  3. the operating system I have on my PC is Windows 10, the latest version; in the old record it was Windows 7 Home; the Mail Store Home version was 12.
    Thanks again for your help,
    Hi Michele

Hi Michele,

Thanks for your answers, Sorry for the delay - I had other matters to deal with

I think I know what the problem is.
Whomever did the transfer probably used a migration program that supposedly transfers
programs and settings in addition to user data.
This may work for some programs but not for others.

How is Win 10 set up? Does it use tiles on the Desktop or was it customized to look like Win 7 and have
shortcut icons o n the Desktop?

Anyway ,it looks like you’re a new user on Win 10.or have you used it before?
How did you start MailStore Home on Win 7 ? From the Desktop icon or via the Start menu?

Now on Win 10 - can you find the MSH program icon in the Start menu - on the left side -if you use tiles…
Scroll down til you find it. or do a Search for mailstore home.
If you find it - the ones that show together MailStore Home and MailStore Home - Configuration are
the ones you’re after…

Click MailStore Home icon and see if it starts. - report any errors if so…
Its also useful to post a screenshot here in your post.
To do that - see below

Peter E.

Thanks again Peter, but the problem remains.
I answer you questions.
On Win 7 I started MSH from the desktop icon.
I’m at my first experience with Win 10, I’ve been using it for a few weeks. The desktop has been customized and appears to me as it appeared in Win 7 with the shortcut icons I enter. Click on start to access the Win 10 screen.
I can’t find the MSH icon on the left menu on Win 10; I did a PC search with the Win 10 box “Write here to search” without finding MSH.
I think the program has not been copied. If so how can I do it?


Hi Michele,

Thanks for your answers. It looks like I asked the right questions haha
Your experience is what often happens - despite the " assurance"
Failure to test after migration is another one.

Can you get access to the old drive ? and copy the whole archive folder in your Documents to the new drive?
Put it in your Downloads folder for the time being…

What Antivirus program is on Win 10? - it should not be scanning the archive -either during copy
or anytime at all afterwards- exclude in the settings of the AV program.


Thanks again Peter.
I copied the folder and downloaded it to the new disc in Download. Now what should I do?

Peter, Anti-virus issue: in my pc the one of Windows 10 is active (windows defendere) and I have also installed bit defender, latest version

Hi Michele,
Thanks for the quick reply and answers.

I’ll start with your last reply and then cover the archive.

Windows Defender is generally not as aggressive with known programs as other AV programs.
Still, I would exclude the archive being scanned.

Add an exclusion to Windows Security Applies to: SecurityWindows 10

BitDefender - Is this one also active? Generally not advisable to run 2 AV’s.because of conflicts
Didn’ t you get any warnings ? Do both of them show in Windows Taskmanager? or in the notification area?
or do you only run it on demand?
Even so. then you should also exclude the MSH archive in Bitdefender.
Which version - paid or Free ? is it active or can it be halted ?

Your MSH archive :
Before you go any further, make sure that MailStore Home isn’t showing
in C:\Program Files (x86)\MailStore\MailStore Home
If it isn’t there get the installation file from https://www.mailstore.com/en/products/mailstore-home/
Save in Downloads. Execute it and choose Default installation.
That will give you the shortcut icon on the Desktop and the archive folder in your Documents

Don’t run it as yet - or if it starts, close it and check in Taskmanager that it is closed.
Go to the archive folder in your documents and delete the contents.
Now copy the contents of the archive in Downloads and paste it into the (now empty)
archive folder in your Documents.

After that, run MSH to see the results.

Report any errors here.


Hi Michele,

Thank you for the feedback and praise.
Happy to be of help.
Good thing you had help locally - Did your friend read my instructions?

I’m glad it all worked out.

Will write more about Bitdefender but not here and not now.
Too busy at the moment - will do it later and via PM

Best regards,

Hello Peter,
I confirm that my friend, before intervening on the PC, read all the messages that you and I exchanged and that, thanks to your advice, he was able to solve my problem.
He is certainly more expert in computer science than, unfortunately, I am.
Still a cordial greeting, waiting to read you about Bit Defender.