Large File Export to Gmail not finishing

I am trying to export a large 15GB file with 200K messages to my Gmail account. The export shows that all of the messages were exported, but the routine never finishes. Only 1,700 emails appear in the Gmail account. I cannot find is there is a way in Maistorm to break up the archive into smaller pieces. Of if there is any other way for me to get this completed. I have tried a few times. There is plenty of room in my Gmail account.

Hi all. I have a similar problem. I am exporting a large number of messages to my Gmail account. The progress view says that the full number of messages have been processed, but it continues to work. The progress bar shows that it is about 90 percent full, but it has been stuck there for some hours. In Gmail, I seem to be missing about the last month and a half of messages.

Do I just need to be patient? If I cancel or close will I lose the messages that have already been exported? Any suggestions would be welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Update: I waited nearly a few day. When there was no further progress, I attempted to close the window and got a message that I could not do so. So, I hit cancel, and it is now in the process of cancelling. Given how long it is taking, I’m guessing that all of the messages that were added to my Gmail account may be deleted, but we’ll see.

Any suggestions or workarounds would be very much appreciated.

Hi @joshbernstein and @gpsathome ,

GMail is for private use and has some limitations:

Please also check the other points in the left menu bar there.

When uploading a too large amount of mails at once and too fast (depending on your upload bandwidth), GMail might lock down the access for a short period.

What you can do to avoid that is to export small portions one after the other.
Modify your export profile to only export one folder, then the next, then the next …
This way you can narrow down the amount transmitted once.

Unfortunately, GMail does not send out information on that to MailStore Home in all cases,
as some information has no standard reply wording in the email protocols.
MailStore Home is still waiting for a reaction at some point where GMail just pauses with silence.

Don’t worry, export is not a move action, the archive will stay the same.
The mails will only be recreated to a more general format for the external destination, such as IMAP, a file, whatever the export is set to. You can therefore try again and again.