Invalid crypt key on new computer

My computer died, guess what? I now cannot retrieve my email database on my new computer. I get an error message # 335545108 invalid crypt key. Is there any way I can recover my emails? I have the files, but no way can I recover them … any help someone? or is it impossible

I’m having the same problem.

No way I can retrieve my old database or transfer it to the new pc. Seems that some files are missing or incorrectly placed?

I sure hope somebody can help us.

The silence is deafening Helga… I think we are screwed, have to accept that all my mail has been trashed. I would have thought there was a genuine solution, but no advice is forthcoming… I wonder how you are supposed to move machines? or does the archive only last as long as the machine does?

@kermie999 and @Helga
Please do a search for moving archive to new computer…

Peter E.

Question …what version of Mailstore are you using? Home, Server this will determine where your mail is archived. On home computer or external server. If home computer, what caused it to die? Disc, or motherboard etc?
I suspect from the code you are using a server. Does this help as a workaround / same error

I am using mailstore home, and it was my system hard drive that died. The database and other files is on another hd where I store all my data for all programs. I have recycled the old computer and installed my data hd into my new machine. I have reinstalled msh, and pointed it to my old database. Then the error code 335545108 - invalid crypt key

Did you use TrueCrypt or VeraCrypt on your storage drive? If so this may help

If not have you tried repairing filesystems using “chkdisk”?

Hi Chasb… No, I don’t use TrueCrypt, or any other disc encryption on my data hd. as for chkdisk, the machine is 6 days old, so I would’nt have thought filesystems were a problem. However, I have ran it, and there are no problems.

Sorry, I’m running out of ideas but did your disc install Windows Bitlocker? Sometimes it does without asking first. See Check BitLocker Drive Encryption Status in Windows 10 | Tutorials to see your drive status.
Note if encrypted … New files are automatically encrypted when you add them to a drive that uses BitLocker. However, if you copy these files to another drive or a different PC, they’re automatically decrypted.
Also …
Use BitLocker Repair Tool to Recover Encrypted Drive in Windows | Tutorials

Chasb, I am using Windows 10 Pro, and I have Bitlocker enabled on my system drive. The Data HD is not protected in any way. It is also the same HD that MSH Data files were originally placed. The program (WSHome is happily on my system drive (the Bitlocker protected drive), as it was on my failed system drive on my old machine, which also had Bitlocker installed - so, really there isnt any major differences between the two setups, apart from being different machines. and to reiterate, the data files are on the same drive they always were, just in a different machine

kermie999 …not sure if this helps as I’m still “scratching my head”

Hi Chasb… sorry for the late reply. I’ve been away. Sorry to say, it has no relevence. Still looking, but holding little hope of success. I think I’m going to kiss me database goodbye and put it down as a learning curve. I’m going to look for another archiver that is more user friendly for future use !

It has nothing to do with TrueCrypt/VeraCrypt, BitLocker or the like.
Since ~version 11 of MailStore (any version, Home is not special), the [FireBird] database which holds the list of messages is encrypted.
And 335545108 is the error code for GDS__bad_crypt_key (where GDS is the nickname of Firebird project.)
What I cannot determine is whether you lost [one of the two] files which holds the master key (MailStoreMaster.key and MailStoreFileGroup.key), or if one of them is somewhat corrupted.

I guess it would help to know the exact version of MailStore Home you were operating, and perhaps when was the last time you did a version upgrade.
Also please make sure you reinstalled the same version of MailStore Home as you were operating before.