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G’day Mail Store Community,

Thanks for the welcome greetings.

A notebook computer (A) of mine is giving trouble so I decided to copy all the emails to a newer one (B) using Mail Store Home. As one of the problems with (A) is that it is unable to Copy/Paste large folders/files so could not use the module in MSH instead having to copy each folder individually and then re-assemble them on (B).
The copy/paste was done using a USB data stick (thumb drive).

Is there a way of using Mail Store Home on (B) from ‘C’ drive into Outlook Express?

Is there a particular folder/file that should be used and where should it be so MSH can access it?

The emails from (A) are stored on (B) in two places -
C:\Program Files\emails10.19C\MailStore
C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\myEbooks9.19\MailStore

(A) uses Windows XP, SP2 Home
(B) uses Windows XP, SP3 Professional

Using Outlook Express on both.

Please let me know if you need more information.
Hope you can help.
Thanks for your time.

(Stuart M, Queensland, Australia.)

Hello @stu2,

MailStore Home in its current versions does not support Windows XP anymore, only Windows 7 SP1 and above.
Please be aware that Microsoft terminated the official product support for Windows XP, so you are not receiving any security updates anymore. This means you are at risk, many new internet threads and exploits are unknown to your machine.

Am I understanding correctly that you already have MailStore Home on computer (A) and all necessary mails are in there?
Then you could transfer the complete archive file system to machine B and then open it up again with a MailStore Home there.


  • Close MailStore Home on (A)
  • Locate the archive folder (by default created as C:\users\YOURNAME\documents\MailStore Home)
  • Copy this “MailStore Home” folder with all its contents to (B) (via network, via USB stick or similar)
  • Install MailStore Home (same version or higher than (A)) on (B)
  • Close MailStore Home on (B), open up “MailStore Home - Configure” from start menu and point the location to where you copied your former archive from (A).
  • Open up MailStore Home. It will now use the archive that you carried over from (A).

MailStore Home uses a database type encrypted file structure that cannot be opened with any other third party program, so you cannot open the archive with Outlook Express.
To open/import mails into other programs, you would need to export them first from MailStore Home to a general format, such as EML or MSG files.

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Tech Support.

G’day Rebecca,

Many thanks for your informative email.

Yes, I am well aware of Mr Microsoft’s attitude to XP. No problems.

The problem is that, as mentioned in my original Post, old computer A seems unable to transfer data of any size to a USB data stick but I will try again as your procedure is slightly different and I will also try a USB Transfer cable using your process.

This may not happen for a day or three but I will definitely let you know.
Cheers, stu2.

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Tech Support,

Mail Store Home.

G’day Rebecca,

Many thanks for the help from yourself, your Community and various help files, it has all worked out successfully.

In case it may be of use to others, here is my procedure.

1 - Open MailStore Home (MSH) on computer A.

2 - Choose ‘Backup to HDD or USB’

( I actually backed-up to a different drive (partition) on A first and then copied that to the USB)

3 - Copy the DATA folder to C:\ on computer B. (C:\DATA)

4 - close any MSH

5 - Opened Start/All programs/MSH Base Cnfiguration/ ‘Use an existing e-mail archive’/Change

6 - Choose folder C:\DATA /OK/OK

7 - Open MSH /my archive/windows main identity/local folders to view the list of email folders.

8 - open folder/click on email to open in main window.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Stu2

Please close this Topic at your convenience, Stu2.

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Hello @stu2

thanks for your feedback.