How to gain access to the mailstore on a missing laptop

I installed mail store on my laptop and it was stolen, now I have a new laptop how can i login to view those mails on the previous laptop.

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How unfortunate. If you made a backup of your system- or of the MSH archive,
to an external drive , you can restore the archive.
If you haven’t , the only way is to start fresh if the source of the messages still exists,
meaning,on the server of the mail provider.

Yes, a lot of “ifs” , but it shows again how important it is to make regular- or frequent- backups.

Peter E

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Hi @Rita1,

@DiggerP already painted a picture of your options very nicely.

To prevent misunderstandings,
MailStore Home never ever stored your data somewhere in the cloud.
We have no access to your data, not intentionally, not in secret.
It was safely encrypted and stored on your machine.
Once the machine is gone, your archive is physically gone.

Only a backup can help recover from the date the backup was made.

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