Google Workspace token failed

I’ve used Mailstore Home (free) on my HP Laptop for a few years, but for various reasons I’ve not actually archived anything since October 2021. I’ve update to Version 22.1 so an up-to-date. My profiles will not run and I’m getting the same error on all three of them: “Requesting Google Workspace token failed: Bad Request”
I can’t find much help on this so all suggestions would be very welcome. I just don’t know where to begin.
Should I delete my profiles and start again perhaps, or do an un-install/re-install maybe. My instinct will be to export my large already existing archived mails first.

Sorry to hear you’re having issues. Just to confirm, have you tried the button to re-authenticate within your profile settings?

Hi Dave
Thank you for your suggestion – much appreciated! I found a solution a short time after my post, and soon after I got the “new account will be on hold for a couple of weeks” message.
On the Create Profile page I had to delete one of my existing 3 profiles (3 maximum allowed it says) and then add the email address that I particularly wanted to archive, then it ran OK. Mailstore also needed me to allow access to the Goggle Account too. So in summary I think my problems were probably all related to my not having used Mailstore for quite a long time.

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Thanks for posting the solution you found as this helps out future users who encounter problems at well!

Google does expire unused tokens, so it is quite possible that not using MailStore for some period of time could require you to re-authenticate.