GMail Archiving - Errors concerning SSL/TLS server certificate

During archiving from GMail the following error message occurs:

“The SSL/TLS certificate verification failed. In order to skip the certificate verification, please enable the “Ignore SSL Warnings” option.”

Check the provided settings and features in your antivirus/security software,
particularly wordings as for example “check encrypted connections” and/or “email security”.

To isolate errors, you can temporarily deactivate such features for test purposes. Check whether the symptom no longer occurs in MailStore Home.
If this is successful, use the documentation from the manufacturer of the antivirus/security software or contact them to set up permanent exceptions/adjustments, if necessary.

Background information:
GMail certificates are usually official, correct and trustworthy.

Some manufacturers of antivirus/security software offer features to monitor encrypted connections for attacks/malware.

The industry standard SSL/TLS is an end-to-end encryption, which should only be established between the provider and the program.
Monitoring by antivirus/security software would therefore actually not be possible unless it intervenes.
For this purpose, a certificate is often replaced or the connection is modified.

As a result, MailStore Home can no longer check the certificate correctly and instead complains by throwing the error message mentioned above.