Fewer emails in the archive than in the mailbox


I used MailStore Home portable to archive an Exchange Server mailbox.
After the archiving was finished, archived folders have fewer emails than original ones.
What could be the cause?



  • Was there any error message in the Last Execution of your archiving profile ?
  • Are there any folders excluded as you can see for example in the below screenshot ?

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Dear @nicoetbun,

can you please post your request in English language?
This is an international community. Many of us do not speek Dutch.

Thank you.

Bedankt voor Uw bericht. Ik heb mijn vraag inmiddels al op kunnen lossen. Nogmaals dank

Google Translator:
Thank you for your message. I have already been able to solve my question. Thanks again

I have the same problem but I see no one posted a real answer to this topic

I’m missing about 10k messages
I can see 48000 messages on inbox on webmail (IMAP) and only 40000 on archive.
there’s also a 2000 difference in sent folder.
On cPanel the size of that account is 28GB and the archive only 19GB

Is there a size limitation of MailStore Home?
See the pictures below.



I have the same issue here. Importing from Thunderbird; no filter on folders or messages or something like that.
I tracked it down to 3 e-mails not getting imported.

One Mail is pretty old. Here some details: