Few doubts-need help to get space on gmail

Dearl All,
My gmail inbox is near full its capacity. Now, I need to delete many emails from my gmail using web. Here are my doubts

  1. I archived all emails as of today using Mailstore Home. Now, If I delete my emails in the gmail.com, using web interface, would those deleted emails in gmail would also be deleted in the Mailstore Home archive as well. If so, how can I prevent that from happening. I want to delete emails only in gmail so as to get space there, but not in the Mailstore home archive in my external HDD ever.
  2. I don’t want the mail in the Mailstore Home archive be deleted automatically when I restart it.
    I want to delete emails from gmail.com, my email provider but not in the Mailstore Arhive.
    Is this possible.I don’t want the Mailstore home software automatically delete the mails it already arhived, as those emails are no more on gmail. However, I want to keep all emails downloaded and arhive in mailstore home for various reasons. What I need to do to keep the downloaded mails intact and only new mails get archived
    I hope I am clear.
    Any help is really appreciated.
    warm regards

Happy to help!

Deleting messages in Gmail will have no impact on messages already in the archive. Archiving only adds new messages to the archive, but never removes them.