Feature Request: Replace exchange "Display Name" with email address when importing from PST


let consider the following scenario: you have outlook for desktop connected to an account which is inside an Exchange domain, and you receive emails from others contacts inside the same Exchange domain.

Unfortunately when you export these emails in pst format only the display name (and not the email address) is saved in the raw data of the email for the field “From:”, “To:”, “Cc:”, etc.

In fact in an Exchange domain the display name is enough to send an email to a contact inside the same domain; the Exchange server will “convert” the display name to the correct email address and perform the correct routing.

If you import that pst file inside MailStore Home and look at the raw data of these emails, you will find that the “From:”, “To:” field contains only the name and surname (display name) and not the email address.

If you export these emails to Gmail with MailStore it will result in an email with an empty “From:” and “To:” field (“Unkown sender” message in Gmail instead of the email address).

It would be nice if MailStore could, in this cases, automatically add the email address when importing from a PST or when exporting to another destination. The email address could be loaded from the contact list already present inside the pst (it should be the easy way since in outlook you can download offline all the contacts of the exchange domain), or for example from a csv file which map the display name to the email address (less user friendly)