Feature Request - have the ARCHIVE name exactly match the PROFILE

I have various views of my mail archive. Some account in each profile and resultant archive. I created the profiles to that specific views name and run them to reflect the view, Like Finances, or Projects, etc. . The resultant archives are not named to the profiles name. I can rename the archives, but on subsequent runs MailStore recreates the archive to the original name instead of the new name that I named the old archive.

It would be nice to have a selection criteria in the profile to NAME the archive, or at least name the archive the profiles name that ran it rather than what it does by default.


You can rename the profile and the archive name without it changing after running the profile.
but has to be done using a prefix or a suffix.
Suppose the archive and the profile as the email address user@mailprovider.com
rename to eg Finances user@mailprovider.com or user@mailprovider.com Finances
Both will stick after archiving
Do the archive first ,then the profile…
(obviously I tested it before I wrote this :grinning: (3 times - different names)
On one occasion it said that it couldn’t be undone - well ,it could :grinning:

Peter E

I actually did that, but on subsequent runs to rearchive the same email it recreated another archive with a generic name rather than use the previous archive (which I had renamed in Mailstore).

This is Thunderbird email. I like to have access to my personal Thunderbird email with me and also have a copy of it on a laptop I use at work. Because of the crappy IMAP my mail provider uses I use SMTP for all mail. So if I would perchance respond to a personal email on my work laptop it of course is not on my hole laptop. So I archive both instances of Thunderbird.

I create a profile named Thunderbird from Home, and another Thunderbird from Work. After I archived each I renamed the archive to exactly match the name of the profile. However when I re-run either profile I always get a new archive rather than the OLD archive being used again.

Am I doing something wrong?

I’m not sure what goes wrong
I only did the test on one computer/
First I rename the archive account,then the profile, then run the profile.
On subsequent runs the name doesn’t change…
No need to go into elaborate descriptions.
Tb Home & Tb Work is enough and like I showed,

Not sure what you mean by this:

SMTP is for Sending mail…
Which mail protocol do you use for receiving?

Yes, was rushing and fat fingered it, using POP.

I’ll try again this Friday. It happened on both ends. When I archived my HOME version it created a new archive, when I archived the AWAY (WORK) version it to created a separate archive. Did it twice. Thankfully the amount of email isn’t much so it archived quickly so I just delete the OLD archive and rename the NEW one the old name.

I suspect that you can’t interfere with the names of email clients.Hard coded…
My tests were done on webmail. Don’t have Tb…
Could add any name I wanted ,but leave the mail address intact.

I just tried it again, and it recreates a new archive on every run if I rename the archive from a prior run at all. I am only archiving Thunderbird local folders. I file away all my email there.

I renamed the last run archives by leaving the first part of the name as is and simply appending Work or Home to the end. In doing so it always recreates a new archive when archived again named “Thunderbird Local Folders”.

I suspect that if I just leave it named that BOTH profiles will write to the same archive it will delete messages not in the current one running.

It’s a minor issue but a nuisance. I delete the old one then rename the new one.

I would really like to see a more positive way to control the name of the archive or the link between the profile and the resultant archive name.