Failure to Find Existing Backups/Archives

Last week I opened and saved all my email on Mailstore Home. This morning I need to find an old message, so I go to open up MSH. I get a message that I need to create an archive to continue. So I create a new folder.

Little did I realize that it was obliterating 2+ years of email messages. I have searched everywhere and cannot seem to find where the existing (?) archive is and how to get it all reloaded.

Please advise. Is recovery even possible?

Hello @readingtub,

did you install MailStore Home as ‚ÄúPortable‚ÄĚ, or a full install?
In case of a full install, MailStore Home creates the archive in:
C:\users\YOURNAME\documents\MailStore Home\

Did you recently log in as a different user, change your user profile type from/to Microsoft Account
or remove this folder from your Documents?
Then MailStore Home would start up and not find its archive, so create a blank one.

So when you made changes to that folder or changed your user name / type,
your current documents folder does not contain the archive anymore.
You would need to find it again in former user folders.

  1. It is a full install.
  2. None of the above. I literally woke up my computer from sleep, clicked the MSH icon in start and got prompted to create a location for an archive.

There is NOTHING changed in my profile. I never actively use documents (my work is on dropbox) so I would not have removed it.

So what you’re telling me is that there is nothing I can do and I have lost my archive of 2+ years?

Hello @readingtub,

I am not saying that yet. Since I do not know your system and what might have happened,
it could be the case, but let us first replay what could have happened.
Maybe your old archive still lies hidden somewhere and we could recover it.

Please navigate to your start menu, find the ‚ÄúMailStore Home‚ÄĚ program group and open up
‚ÄúMailStore Home - Configuration‚ÄĚ instead.
A small window opens for pre-start settings, such as language and … the archive path.
What do you find as the path in there?

Is it ‚ÄúC.\users\YOURNAME\documents\MailStore Home‚ÄĚ, where YOURNAME is your system user name?
Or is it something else?

Please open up Windows Explorer and navigate to this location.
Can you post a quick screenshot of what you find in that folder?

Please also check your folder C:\Users.
Are there any other users besides your name and ‚Äúpublic‚ÄĚ?
Do you find a \documents\MailStore Home folder in aby other user folder (besides ‚Äúpublic‚ÄĚ)?

Since you are saying:

Please check in your dropbox settings whether it is monitoring/synching your user documents folder.
If so, check if you have a ‚ÄúMailStore Home‚ÄĚ folder also in your dropbox,
and then if maybe your dropbox has issues connecting to your cloud storage and therefor cannot sync.

(Please be aware that Dropbox must not be used on the MailStore Home archive location, as only one program can have full access to files in Windows at a time, and MailStore Home and Dropbox would be fighting for access rights, resulting in MailStore Home malfunctions.)

Sending lots of screenshots.

  1. Opened configuration. There is no …documents\mailstore home. only mailstorearchivestart

  2. Navigated to that location. Screenshots posted.


  3. There is a ‚Äúdefault‚ÄĚ user, but it is empty. There is no ‚Ķnts\Mailstore Home folder there.

  4. I went to Dropbox. No folder there. I use/save docts from desktop and in folders specified on Dropbox. I do not sync my terryj\documents folder.

I did go to OneDrive online and see there is a ‚ÄúMailstore Home‚ÄĚ folder there, with *.dat and *.rr files going back to 2013. Have an image with the bottom of that list, but am restricted to 3 images only.

Let’s try other images here.

@Rebecca - Any word on how to proceed?

This indicates you are synchronizing the MailStore Home folder, or have been in the past.
Please check your OneDrive settings:
:globe_with_meridians: Office Support: Back up your Documents, Pictures, and Desktop folders with OneDrive
Make sure that ‚ÄúDocuments‚ÄĚ is not activated, or alternatively have your archive at a different place that is not synced.

In case you have a ‚ÄúMailStore Home‚ÄĚ folder in your ‚ÄúDocuments‚ÄĚ in OneDrive, you may download it completely and switch to open it instead with MailStore Home.
How to switch between archives and even merge them (in case you have already started the new one), have a look at this article:

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