Export to Office 365..?

I have used MailStore Home for a long time, however I’m trying to export to Office 365 but can’t connect…? I just keep getting this error:

Authentication failed (EWS). Check user name and password. If the password is correct, try specifying your UPN Logon (e.g. user@domain.com) or DOMAIN\username in the user name field.

Any advice would be appreciated…? Thanks

Microsoft is in the process of rolling out modern authentication (which requires OAuth2 authentication). We have a blog article that discusses this in the context of MailStore Server but may provide some useful information.

At this time MailStore Home does not support OAuth access to individual mailboxes hosted on Microsoft 365, instead some account/tenant-specific configuration must be completed and this function is only offered as part of MailStore Server and is not part of MailStore Home.

Because of this it is currently not possible for MailStore Home to interact with Microsoft 365’s business offering. The consumer offering (outlook.com and related) should be supported using app-specific passwords.