Export mail metadata in list file (CSV)

for my thesis I need to analyze large amounts of data stored in emails; which I have stored in several PST files.
I thought MailStore Home ability to archive them would be helpful, but got no luck so far.

My main goal would be extract some metadata from those emails (sender, subject, datetimes, etc) and also a calcolated filed based on the email body, hopefully.

Obviously MailStore uses a DB, but I couldn’t find the correct way to access it. I suppose this is a strongly discouraged pratice, which I understand.

Anyway I tried using the Export functionality, but it doesn’t offer a list view of metadata, just full content.

Since I saw on this forum that this kind of feature has been discussed a few time, I’d like to suggest it as a new feature.

Relevant links:

Thanks anyway, because this software is great! Congratulations to the whole team!