Error - Unable to load MAPI

Hello dear mailstore team,

I’ve always could run mailstore on this PC, but i get this error now, is there a solution?


Could you first try running an Office Repair, then reboot and try again?

You won’t necessarily be asked to reboot, but it may be needed to finish the repair of the MAPI components.

Hi Dave, thank for helping. Do you know if any emails from outlook can be lost by doing that repair?


It’s possible that a few may go awol, problem of PST file structure.
It’s best to close outlook, then run control, select the MAIL32 applet and do a repair from there. It’s quicker, and can save the annoying restart of repair when run from an open email account

can you explain better how to repair from the mail32 applet? i know where it is, im just not sure what to do to repair from there. thanks

Close Outlook
Open Mail(32Bit)
Select the [Data Files] button
Select the relevant PST files, most users only have ONE, and make a note of the FULL path to the PST file
Open C:\Program Files(x86)\Microsoft Shared\Microsoft Office\Office {ver}\Scanpst.exe
In the Dialogue, navigate to the PST file noted above and open
Then click start, confirm “make backup” just in case then click [Repair]
After a while you should get “Repair Completed”, if anything was wrong you’ll get told what ws discovered, I’ve no idea what you can do with the “bad Bits”
Open outlook and you should then see all your mail items.
It’s worth doing a compact if everything’s OK, close outlook, then use the Mail(32) app, select file & then [compact].
Depending on the size of the PST, can be seconds to several hours
If you delete a lot of mail and then empty the Deleted Items, it’s always worth [Compacting] as the deleted Items aren’t actually delted, just hidden from normal view, they still take up space
Good Luck

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Thank you for the details

I did all that but the MAPI error still shows.

IN that case, best guess would be to run a repair on Microsoft office, as I guess that’s how your outlook got installed.
Can’t offer any other suggestions other than a complete uninstall/reinstall off Outlook & Office. You can reattach the PST after reinstallation, so make sure you know where the PST is