Error in help setion links

just trying to set up search indexes so I can search PDF files and I have found an error in the help section

about halfway down the page there is a link to get the PDF filter…

Portable Document Format (PDF)
For indexing PDF attachments, install Adobe PDF iFilter on 64bit operating systems…

the link which is given in this section is not correct it has FTP twice in the link and when you select it nothing happens. You have to delete the first FTP and put in HTTP and then the download Link will work.

Just letting you know because it was only by good luck I managed to get it going


Hi, Thanks for the heads-up…
To be honest I never noticed, because

I went by the post by Christian Mussmann which lists this URL :
Notice it’s for the server edition - but never mind - this is the correct description and URLs.
Whoever wrote the one for MSH listed the incorrect URLs.

Peter E