Email addresses in my system/files backup?

Two weeks ago I lost a C:| drive and a repairer replaced it with Win 10 and some key software but not MS Home. I have used MS Home for years and have access to Sys and File backups for the last few months, mix of full and incremental, on an ext drive but cannot find specific items (e.g. Thunderbird address book would be precious) in them using File Explorer…
My tech background is 55yrs obsolete but I can study if selective recovery is written up anywhere.
I am reinstalling MS Home, but unsure how to avoid damage to years of existing archives.

Can someone guide me to a source of help, please?


Normally,questions about Windows are not entertained on this forum,
but since it also involves the MSH archive, it became a mixed question…

I’m sorry that you fell into the wrong hands.
Just typical of unscrupulous pc repair people…

I know, the change to Win 10 is disputable, because of the fact that Ms is dropping support for
older OS versions.

The crux of your situation is which backup program you used - 1 program or more?
Did you backup MSH with its internal backup facility?

Some Help links -take your time to read and understand…

MailStore Staff , advises to delete the new archive in your Documents in Win 10
and that maybe the better option from what I wrote months ago.
Just replace it with the “old” archive from your previous system backup.
In the backup you’ll have to find that folder under your My Documents.
Restore it to your Documents in Win 10

As for the Thunderbird contacts:

I have no way of knowing if you backed up your TB profile folders or
what you backed up and in what way…

I understand that you are somewhat technically challenged, but you can’t - or shouldn’t-
continue that way without incrementally learning some things that are helpful in managing your computer…
I hope that the repair facility put in Classic menu or similar to get used to Win 10.
It helps with the transition.

You may have to re-install the backup program if other than the native Windows backup.

Peter E.


Hi @Geoffoh,

as @DiggerP already described the MailStore Home part very well,
the real archive content resides in "C:\users\YOURNAME\documents\MailStore Home ", so your current user’s documents folder, unless you manually changed it.

On your previous machine, represented by your backups, you need to find a functional and consistent “MailStore Home” folder from documents of that user.
This can be copied to the new machine, replacing the newly created empty archive.

You are kind of “injecting” the old archive data into the new program installation.
DiggerP already linked to some articles where we went through this procedure.

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Thank you for comments, Rebecca. I’m not well, on a cancer recovery, and a HDD fail in November was too much. This is irrational: I found DiggerP’s do-list ineffective, and some of his comments hurtful. I’m glad he removed them. In a fragile period late last year, I asked help with him from one of your mentor-type people and heard nothing. After one last approach recently, I find I’ve not escaped his involvement in your reply, and so choose to find an alternative to Mailstore, which has served me well for many years - until I really needed it.
He won’t understand. We have to move on.

Hey @Geoffoh,

I am not sure what comments you are referring to, to be honest.
Then I would eventually be able to mediate.

It makes me sad to hear that you have planned to not use MailStore home anymore.
What did we do wrong?

MailStore Home, as mentioned, stores its data in
“C.\users\YOUR_USER_NAME\documents\MailStore Home”.
It is an archiver helping you to quickly research older mails.
It is not a backup software to have one time snapshots.

As long as you still have access to your former documents folder from the broken hard drive,
either by accessing it partially, or with a former backup of it,
there are ways to recover the archive from that older documents folder.
If not, there is nothing to recover, unfortunately.

So, do you see any chance to find a former version of your documents folder?
Then surely we can help you.


Hi @Geoffoh,

Rebecca is quite correct…
If you have backups created from your old drive that were stored outside
the crashed drive - like on an external drive - you can recover not only the MSH archive,
but also your email addresses. and more if required.

I can help you with that - Off this forum, since a lot is Windows related.
I will send a PM and if your amenable , I will do it for you.
It can get quite involved depending on the structure of the backups.



Thatk you for your interest, Rebecca. I’m impressed with your willingness to chase a truly departed user, without your knowing how difficult I find it is to replace you!.
Thin-skinned as I am at present, I will take up Peter’s offer to help, as it seems the best chance of progress.
Thank you, Geoff Clynes Geoffoh.

Hello @Geoffoh,

I am pretty sure Peter didn’t mean to offend you, he is a very dedicated and active user
and it is very kind of him to help you with all your recovery tasks.
Since supporting the community is only one aspect of my daily work, I cannot assist you in all matters, but MailStore Home specific issues.
Thanks @DiggerP for offering extending help for all other recovery trouble Geoff might have to deal with.