Doubt regarding the elimination of emails

Hi everyone, I need information. I installed mailstore home, to be able to save all the emails because my email account is almost full. I would like to delete emails from my email account, but keep them in the software. As if it were an expansion of storage. How can I do? Many thanks in advance

MailStore Home will store all messages unless you delete them, just be sure to maintain a backup of your MailStore Home database.

Once archiving is completed you can either edit the profile settings to have MailStore delete old messages, or you can delete messages manually (just be sure that messages are in the archive — MailStore cannot delete a message from your mailbox until it is archived successfully, so it may be safer to have MailStore do the deletion).

I hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply mr. Dave, I don’t want delete the mail, but if I delete from my provider, automatically they will be deleted also in mailstore software. But I want keep it because, I want to save space on my mailbox, but keep on the software like an archive