Does Mailstore Home Auto-detects Duplicate mails per folder?

Just got a quick question, do mailstore home auto-detects duplicate emails on each folder?

Because I tried several times to do the archive today and it completes without any errors, but whenever I check each folder archived against the actual imap folder it is always not equal.

Thank you in advance!


When I first try it too, I notice the same problem. The way it works for me is that I open up the Outlook app and yahoo. mail while leaving both open I then open up the Mailstore app and go to “Archive E-mail” - I would select my Profile name - which is “Microsoft Outlook” and then on the left side (column) I go to “Current Status” and select “Run”. Now, this is where it works for me - I redo the steps from “Run” and now it works and both folders are the same. So for me, I have to select “Run” twice for it to match probably for me. I hope I understood your problem correctly - that’s my 2 cents worth. I hope I helped.

Hi, thanks for your reply! I am archiving using IMAP, I do not use MS Outlook as the outlook is very slow so I always use IMAP directly. I don’t know yet if this would work for me - will try your suggestion and add my mail to outlook, re-open mailstore home and run my profile. Thanks, will let you know if this fixed the issue

It didn’t work for me, the emails that were archived with MS OUTLOOK Profile are much lesser compared to the emails I have recently archived via IMAP. I hope one of the Mailstore Employee will comment here

Happy to help!

First, do not attempt to archive mail from an external server (e.g. Exchange or IMAP) through Outlook, this will not work reliably, the only way to archive mail from a mail server is directly from the server itself.

MailStore will look for duplicate messages within the same source mailbox, so a duplicate is allowed from “” and “Outlook” as these are unique sources, but a duplicate within the same IMAP mailbox will be skipped during archiving.

There is no feature to remove duplicates once they are in the archive, the duplicate detection is only done during the archiving process.