Does each archive run overwrite the previous one?

I have installed MailStore and successfully archived several profiles. The software is excellent, thank you, - particularly the search feature which finds the search term across all the profiles.

I now want to run the archive weekly, but I am unsure if each run will overwrite (i.e. delete) the previous run, or add an additional folder for each new run. I could try it and find out, but if it deletes the previous archive this could be a mistake… Please excuse the naive question - I have not found a similar question but maybe I have missed it… Thank you


Hello William,

Welcome to the MSH forum.
You can set your mind at ease - If you don’t change the source -by adding folders
which means changing the archiving profile,your archive will not be overwritten or deleted.
In fact nothing is deleted unless you do so manually.

With each run MSH quickly checks and compares what has already been archived
and only archives what hasn’ t been. It succesfully de-duplicates, hence no “doubles”…

Peter E.


Thanks for this - most helpful



Thanks for your feedback ,prompt response and quick action…
Oh and please make a backup via the built-in backup feature - to an external storage medium.
Also, in your AV program settings - Exclude the MSH archive from being scanned.-especially by
the active scanning mode.

Peter E