"directory does not contain a MailStore Home archive" after upgrade to latest version

I’ve been using MSH for over 5 years and have never had a problem. Today I upgraded to the latest version (released 6/30/2022) from a version that was released 12/1/2021. After upgrading, when I tried to start MailStore Home, I received this error:

The directory selected does not contain a MailStore Home archive. Please select the directory that contains the MailStoreMaster.fdb file.

MailStore Home has worked fine for the past five years, and I know that is the archive directory. When I look in the directory, I have two FDB files, but they are named “MAILSTOREMASTER-JIM-SURFACE-BOOK-3.FDB” and “MAILSTOREFILEGROUP-JIM-SURFACE-BOOK-3.FDB”. Should I just rename them to MailStoreMaster.fdb and MailStoreFileGroup.fdb?


It sounds like the files were renamed, this is most likely as a result of running MailStore in a directory monitored/modified by real-time synchronization software such as OneDrive or Dropbox.

It is likely that you can just rename the files and get going again, but I would recommend understanding what happened and preventing it from happening again to avoid other potential corruption.

Yes, the directory is synced with OneDrive. I have been operating MailStore Home like this for many years. What is the problem with this?

I suppose I could keep MailStore in a local directory and back it up periodically to the cloud, but this would be more work.