Difficulty Archiving Juno emails

Difficulty Archiving Juno emails

Hello Victor,
We need more Information about your symptoms.
Why is it difficult, you could describe it?

I cannot set up the profile to connect to Juno server I think Juno is POP only. I Tried pop.juno.com and smpt.juno.com as server. No matter which connection combo I tried I was never able to connect when I ran the test while configuring setup properties.

Looking online it does seem that Juno only offers POP3 access, but it should be possible to configure this within MailStore as a POP3 account. From looking online, it appears that these settings should work:

Setting Suggested Value
E-mail Address Your full e-mail address
Host pop.juno.com
Access via POP3-SSL
User Name Your full e-mail address
Password Your mailbox password

However this is relying on third party information as Juno’s own support pages are offline. They may impose further restrictions, for example, limiting access to certain ISPs, but these limitations would apply to any POP3 client and not be restricted to MailStore.

Received this message with suggested set up, ignore ssl errors, and my Norton VPN turned off. I am using Comcast.

Authentication failed. Check user name and password. The server returned: Authorization failed

Has anyone successfully used Mailstore with Juno?