Database and Recovery Records are not in sync?

I get this error message:

Verifying Mid Range 0 - 9999
Database and Recovery Records are not in sync.
Please recreate recovery record for this archive store.

Now I see another topic about this isuue marked as solved, but I can’t find the answer there about what to do?

How do I recreate recovery records?? (Windows 10, MailstoreHome portbale version)

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Valid for MailStore Home 11.1.0 and higher:
Please proceed as follows to recreate recovery records of MailStore Home portable:

Inside Windows explorer browse to your MailStore Home portable setup.
Do a right click on the subfolder Application while holding the shift key.
Select Open command window here resp. Open PowerShell window here.

Windows command prompt: MailStoreHome.exe /recreaterecoveryrecords
Powershell: .\MailStoreHome.exe /recreaterecoveryrecords