Compatibility with all email providers?


I would like to know if Mailstore Home works and is compatible with the email providers “” , and “Mailfence” ?

I believe they have support for IMAP and POP.

Although these are encrypted email service providers, will Mailstore Home still work smoothly for ARCHIVING and future EXPORTING with these email providers?

This software looks fantastic btw.

Thankyou for any help


Hi Michael.

Your subject line is a tall order.Somewhat preposterous…
There are thousands of email providers in the world and no company can provide compatibility
with all of them…

Paying customers can receive assistance for individual cases,
but as it stands , MailStore Home is a free application without implicit MailStore support.
They will monitor the Community forum but don’t necessarily provide support.
You agreed to that when you installed MSH.

When it comes to encrypted email service providers,most are not compatible with MailStore Home.
Reason is that the proprietary encryption by the mail provider can’t be decrypted by MSH,which applies
its own encryption for the archive.

You’re free to do your own legwork - The services you mentioned have a free trial period,
but you’re on your own and should understand that support from MailStore can’t be expected in this case.

Hence a query like this :

can’t be answered,since it falls outside the realm of supported usage.
MailStore Home has listed the most common and popular web services.
Outside of those it’s a crapshoot what will- or won’t work with MSH…

Peter E.

Hello Peter E,

Thank you so much for your helpful reply.
You are definitely right about the subject line.
Since supports POP/IMAP and its mail is retrievable using these via a client, i was cautiously optimistic that it may work.
I will do as you advised however and put in some legwork over a 30 day trial period to put this query to rest.

Thanks again

Hi @michaeloz,

it much depends what is meant by “encryption” here.

MailStore Home can access mailboxes via IMAP/POP3 in general, as this is a well-defined protocol.
Also, transport encryption, such as TLS/SSL is of course supported, so if that is what the provider meant by encryption, then this feature is a standard nowadays. Nobody would want to transmit their login and mails fully readable to others on the internet.

When your provider means “encryption” as a form of encrypting the mails themselves and offering you and the recipient a tool to code/decode the mail, then this is not supported by MailStore Home. It can however in most cases archive the mails, but they are unreadable, since they have been encoded and still require an endpoint tool to extract the actual mail content.

Thankyou Rebecca for your advice.
I have not had a chance to try yet, but i have a feeling it may do the job for the standard emails inside the inbox which is all i will be using anyway.